The roof protects your home more than just about any other structure and it’s time to make the roof a priority again. You need to ensure that the roof you select for your home is going to be part of an energy saving framework. Other devices in your house have most likely been upgraded already to this framework, so your roof should share in this process as well. Let’s go into how to get the right roof, so you can protect one of the most important investments in the world: your own home!

energy efficient roofing

1. Go for performance!

Green roofs are measured in two different directions in terms of performance: the thermal emittance and the solar reflectance. If you don’t know what those terms are, don’t worry; we’d be more than happy to explain. You see, the thermal emittance is a value that reflects how the roof releases the heat it absorbs. The scale goes from 0 to 1. The ones that go the closest to a solid 1 are going to be the top performers. This same scale is used for solar reflectance, which is a measure of how the sun is reflected off the roof.

2. Heating bills and geographic fit

Are you trying to lower your cooling costs in the summer? Then a green, efficient roof is definitely a great fit. But if you’re in an area that experiences cool summers and very chilly winters, your heating bill may take a nasty spike. Knowing this upfront will help you choose the best roof for your needs. The summer savings could very well dwarf your heating costs, giving you a net positive yield for the year.

3. Durability

How long is the roof rated to last? If you’re trying to sell your property in the future, the time before the roof has to be replaced is definitely going to play a role in your decision making. In order to move forward, look for roofing shingles that have a lighter color than usual. The darker colored shingles will absorb more heat, increasing their temperature at a much higher rate than their lighter counterparts. SHS Roofing says, “Recycled shingles, which are constructed with a mixture of reused wood, rubber, and plastic, are known to have high durability and great fire safety ratings.”

Overall, this trend in energy efficient roofing seems to be here to stay. So as you protect your investment, consider installing a quality roof. Many contractors have now taken the energy optimization movement seriously, and should have no problem implementing such a roof onto your home. Save copies of the receipts, especially if you plan to sell the home later. Prospective buyers love seeing home improvements, and a new roof just symbolizes peace of mind and security for a new homeowner.

By Jasse