If you think that going green costs too much money, it’s time to get in the know. It’s not all about organic produce and expensive products. When you shop smart and make informed choices, you can save yourself a shocking amount of money while benefiting the environment at the same time.

Update Your Home to Save

Updating your home with eco-friendly appliances and necessities will certainly save you money. When you spend money on energy-efficient refrigerators, washers, and dishwashers, you probably feel like you’re losing cash. By the time you get around to updating your heating and cooling fixtures, you likely think it’s a bad idea. The thing you have to remember, however, is that these are one-time purchases; they’re only expensive once. Installing a programmable thermostat or buying appliances that use less water will save you money on your bills as time passes.

going Green

Start Incorporating Water Conservation

Your eco-friendly appliances will definitely save water, which will in turn save on your utility bills. However, you can also update your toilets, which waste so much valuable H20. Think about installing a low-flow head in the shower or using water timers, especially if a lot of people live in the house. Faucet aerators are helpful as well, although you can also simply use cooking timers to make sure no one spends too much time in the bathroom or running water in the sink. Teach your children to turn off the faucet while they’re brushing their teeth too.

Change the Way You Get Around Town

Transportation is tricky. Automobiles use gas and produce harmful emissions. If you can walk or ride your bike to work, school, or your weekly errands, start doing so. If you still need a car to get around town, try new habits, such as carpooling or organizing shopping trips so you don’t have to drive to so many places.

Of course, investing in a hybrid or an electric vehicle is a great way to go green, and you’ll save big money on gas. If you can’t afford such a large leap, then try investing in greener automotive technology. Splurge on a GPS that finds the most fuel-efficient route. Use your phone to map out routes that don’t involve stop-and-go traffic. Look for socket wrench torque sensors or other technologies that maximize your engine and keep it working better and cleaner.

Eat Green and Save Green

By growing your own food, you’ll eat better, feel better, and live better. You’ll also take the pressure off your bank account. Starting a garden allows you to reap the benefits of organic food without spending all that money. It’s great for your health as well, plus growing plants is uniformly beneficial to the environment. Creating a garden might seem expensive initially, but after that the upkeep is nominal, especially if you go with plants, fruits, and vegetables that don’t need a lot of water.

Going green doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and when done right, it actually saves more money than you might imagine. How have you saved money by being kind to the environment?

By Jasse

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