If your business generates food waste of any type, you are responsible for ensuring its proper disposal. There are certain local regulations that are more stringent than those provided here. However, all businesses in the UK that generate any type of food waste are required to follow at least these minimum guidelines.

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Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish

The EU Waste Framework is the governing legislation for the handling and disposal of food waste. You must dispose of food waste in a hygienic manner that avoids contamination. Food waste your business generates cannot attract animals or pests, touch the surfaces on which food is prepared or eaten, or be disposed of in ways that are harmful to the environment. Hiring a firm licensed to dispose of your waste products is a good way to ensure that you do not run afoul of the EU Waste Framework. Your business experiences significant long term savings through proper adherence to the rules. If your business violates the EU Waste Framework, you may have to pay a fine or redesign your disposal system.

Storage and Removal

Food waste and other rubbish to be removed must be stored in tightly sealed containers. These containers must be in good condition and easy to disinfect. These containers must also be easily accessible from where food is prepared or consumed. This prevents contamination and cross-contamination which helps to keep everyone in the building healthy. The seal on each container must be tight enough to ensure it will not attract pests. To ensure the most cleanly environment, food waste must be removed from rooms where food is prepared, eaten or stored as quickly as is feasible for your business.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If your business generates a fair amount of food waste, one option may be to partner with another business requiring compost. Compost bins can be sealed and kept separate from areas where food is consumed and can also be regularly disinfected. Furthermore, reusing food waste as compost is a sanitary, energy-free, economically sound and environmentally safe way method of disposal.

Following waste disposal regulations makes good business and health sense. Always make sure you speak with your local authorities to ensure you meet their specific guidelines. Generally, though if you are following these general guidelines you are doing your part to ensure food waste is disposed of appropriately. This creates a healthier, happier work space for all your employees.

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